Color changing food containers. 

Foody keeps track of your fresh food so that you don’t have to.
Nearly 40 percent of all food grown in the United States goes wasted and the creators of Foody, a revolutionary new storage container, seek to reduce this number by making it easier to keep track of the food that’s in your fridge. Adopting the tag line “Food Talks Back”, the design team of Andres Iglesias and Steve Hamilton began developing Foody after they became aware of a new polymer under development at MIT that changes colors when exposed to the Ethylene gas that fresh fruit and vegetables emit in increasing concentrations as they ripen and spoil.

A lot of the time food gets wasted because we simply can’t remember how long it’s been in there. Bananas tell us how ripe they are but a lot of foods don’t make           it so obvious.

The distinctive looking containers are wrapped with silicon swirls in 4 bright and fresh colors that can help you categorize and organize your fresh food. “The swirl also lies at the heart of Foody’s unique and patent pending Twist-Lock lid retention and closure system that makes sealing the containers simple and renders misplaced lids a thing of the past” according to
Hamilton. They come in three sizes and the smaller containers nest inside each other ensuring that unused Foody containers don’t take up valuable extra space in your cupboards or drawers.

The packaging is simple and is meant to be peeled off the product without hiding it's iconic swirl.