Lifting a community's morale through optimism.

Shift explores the idea of how optimism can be used as a tool in solving a community's problems.  At the beginning of the Summer I geared to design a revolution. armed with books that preached the need for the masses to rise up and claim change. I studied past uprisings that would inform my call to action. El Salvador’s tired and complacent environment allowed it’s social maladies to grow to exaggerated proportions, and it was this nature that inspired me. The goal of my thesis is to ignite change; I asked myself: How can optimism in design inspire innovation in a country plagued with pessimism and disbelief? What can a people accomplish when armed with the platforms and tools that promote creativity and conversation?

Constant exposure to negativity can lower the morale of a community. I believe this causes individuals to detach and in their intimidate community and those in it. It’s a recurring issue around the world; from El Salvador to East Harlem. 

Let’s create conversation about what is good in a community, and let’s get people involved in that conversation.

hola: Explored the idea of an app that allowed users to upload, create and share positive headlines of events around their community. 

Radiø: is a conceptual podcast platform that allows users to become radio hosts and be able to broadcast their thoughts live on air. 

A digital and print platform devoted to hosting conversations about the good happening in different cities and neighborhoods.  It is slang for "that which has been forgotten or overlooked." Which usually means the good.

That new playground down Orchard Street. That deli that burned down and is finally being re-opened. The man that sells balloon animals at the Lorimer subway stop every day are some examples of CHUNCHES that sometimes go unnoticed. Our mission is to re-connect people to their immediate community so they can see it through a new lens and spark conversation around it. 


We find and crowdsource positive content in various cities and collect it on our platform. We follow the positive conversation using the #chunche. Anything from a new mom and pop coffee shop to a poem on the window of the L train can be shared on our platform via photos and writing. 

The most popular posts within the community get published on our monthly print edition. 

The platform aims at empowering people and get them involved in a positive conversation about all the good they encounter where they live in the hope of creating positive culture. 

We'll curate the good & we'll create the good.