Wanted Design 

Mission CTRL is a group project created by the class of 2015 Products of Design students at the School of Visual Arts. The concept is a result of a 10 week course called Design Performance led by Sinclair Smith. The course is an upgrade to the traditional Exhibition Design course, and pushes the concept of getting away from the booth and pedestals when exhibiting work. The assignment’s brief was to enhance the experience of the design exhibition Wanted Design during New York’s design week. During this project Andres took lead in the graphic design portion of the project as well as playing a crucial role in the production of the exhibit itself. 



Mission Ctrl is a designed experience that takes the digital to analog, using social media as a catalyst. The experience is broken down into a suite of interventions that Wanted Design visitors interact with throughout the exhibition space. The analog experience is an alternative to experiencing the show through their phone’s social media apps.

Post – Each post is a statement or status update that was hoisted in the air by an extending poll. Three posts were white boards and were written with dry-erase markers. The idea was to be able to post a message up very quickly and just like that it could be gone in a snap. Two of the posts were metallic and the statement was written with magnetic letters, a process that took time and patience. This allowed users to think  And all of the signs were able to take a custom letter stamped message created on paper. Once the “post” is created it is launched by extending the post to the height of almost eight feet. 

Press – Press is a cart that allows the exhibition goers to create statements with the deliberate and tedious experience of a letter     press. The messages created by the letter press have the capability to be “launched” by any Post, by sliding it into the                 Post’s frame. 

Portal – This object/experience was developed from the desire to urge the exhibition goers to clear their minds and be open to the experience of the exhibition. Design lovers go to many shows during design week and it can be quite draining. Portal is a door like frame and when a visitor walks through; Portal makes a “space-age” like sound that aims to surprise and rejuvenate the visitor. 


Fan – This was the exhibits physical like button. It took the form of an auction like paddle, that visitors would ideally hold up to the exhibitors to let them know that they are a fan.